Chief Eddie Buchanan Sets the Facts regarding SLICE-RS

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Thank you to the crew at Firefighter Close Calls for sharing this great article from B-Shifter and commenting on it. “Some guy named Eddie…” Well we know him!


Maybe if the fire service spent as much time actually STUDYING and UNDERSTANDING the research – instead of posting misinformation on Social Media and debating it – we all would be in a better place.  Just think of this – do any of us …

Live to Train Another Day

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By Brian P. Kazmierzak

This article addresses the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives 1, 3, 4, 5. and is meant to support

Each year, 10 percent of our firefighter injuries and 10 percent of our firefighter line-of-duty deaths (LODDs) occur during training, and 115 have died in training since 2003. Ever since I was promoted to training officer, this is one statistic that has always bothered me. What’s worse, it never goes down–it has been the same for the past decade or longer. This year, the International Fire …

First Principles of Modern Fire Attack Program at Firehouse World 2015 San Diego

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Firehouse World: Science Needs to Be Incorporated in Modern Firefighting

Kevin Milan taught the first Principals of Modern Fire Attack program this week at Firehouse San Diego. This program designed by ISFSI with input from NIST and UL will be delivered 100 more times all over the country at local and state fire schools as well as FDIC in April. This program is being funded thru a grant from FEMA’s AFG program. Thank You Kevin for teaching Class #1.

ISFSI Instructor Kevin …

Update on the Principles of Modern Fire Attack Program

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Press Release
For Immediate Release
Thursday, November 20, 2014

Update on the Principles of Modern Fire Attack Program

The International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) continues to move forward with delivery of a Principles of Modern Fire Attack Program.  The ISFSI received funding from the Department of Homeland Security’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program to deliver this material at 100 fire service venues across the USA in 2015.  The program went through a pilot delivery at the Ohio Fire Academy in November and …

Fire Prevention Week

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Fire Prevention Week
October 5-11, 2014


In lieu of Fire Prevention Week 2014 (which was October 5-11), Past President Eddie Buchanan created and shared a video for you download to use in your communities to spread the word to the public about “Shut The Door”.


George D. Post Instructor of the Year

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Each year an instructor is recognized for their continued commitment to furthering the cause of the fire service through training by going above and beyond the call of duty in training with creativity and innovation to fire training programs and shown great persistence as a positive model for other fire instructors and firefighters throughout the country.

The George D. Post Instructor of the Year award is one of the most highly recognized award in the fire service for a fire instructor. …


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SLICE-RS isn’t just for the fire service, apparently…it’s taking the world by storm for dealing with everyday life lessons.


Firefighters are always a call away, ready to tackle potentially dangerous situations. But while their job probably carries a ton of stress and responsibility, their methods and tricks can still apply to your job and everyday life.

Like any emergency personnel, firefighters work long hours and rely on a lot of teamwork. Since lives are often at stake, they also have to …


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SLICE-RS, DICE-RS and RECEO-VS – all of the sudden we have two new fire service tactical acronyms out there to challenge RECEO-VS.  Some will say we have no reason to change.  Which one is correct, which one isn’t?  Personally while I am a fan of SLICE-RS, and practice it in my own fire department, it is not the acronym that makes the attack sequence successful, it’s how the attack sequence tactics are applied to the conditions determined during the size-up, including …

Hot Topics on the Drillground

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It’s an interesting, fun and challenging time to be an instructor or training officer in the fire service.  There are so many “system overloads” going on right now with new tactical, safety, operational and cultural informational resources that seem to appear on the desk, email or a social media post every day.  The great, good and not-so-good of that are that we have great access to research driven resources and tests that are giving us more tools for proper and effective decision …

Principles of Modern Fire Attack – The SLICE-RS Method Trailer

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Principles of Modern Fire Attack – The SLICE-RS Method


Premiers August 14, 2014

Safety, Health & Survival Section Meeting

1:30 pm – Room D165

Dallas Convention Center