This intensive three-day program explores the most recent NFPA 1403 standard and applies the principles of the standard to the student’s ability to instruct live fire training in a safe environment.  Students must first complete an aggressive online e-Learning platform with pre-test.  The course is delivered in a true blended learning approach using the e-learning system to prepare the candidate for the three day instructor led course.  NFPA 1403 content will be discussed and demonstrated in hands-on live fire training evolutions at the host facility where skill checklists validate candidate performance.  Students must meet all prerequisites as specified in NFPA 1403 Chapter 4 Section 4.3 to participate as students in this program.

Program Highlights:

  • Instructor responsibilities in operations of permanent gas fire and Class A combustible fueled live fire training structures
  • Creating and implementation of a sample pre-burn plan
  • Emergency planning and operations
  • Instructor and student pre-fire walk-through
  • Review and analyze relevant case studies
  • Working with students in fire conditions
  • Situational awareness during fire conditions
  • Fuel characteristics and safe loading
  • Participant PPE inspections
  • Review of current industry research involving live fire conditions
  • Application of duties to ignition officer, safety officer and instructor-in-charge

To Host a Live Fire – Fixed Facility Class:

Download the Host Request Application. Once complete, please return to Jamie Lacy,

Program Host provides:

  • Burn facility & all logistics
  • Classroom facility with appropriate A/V Equipment
  • Assistants to man hose lines & support functions during evolutions
  • Necessary apparatus, equipment, & adequate water supply
  • On site EMS crew & ambulance during evolutions

Student Prerequisites for Live Fire Trainer:

  • Must be an AHJ credentialed Firefighter II & AHJ credentialed instructor
  • Must have minimum of one (1) year as an instructor
  • Successful completion of online precourse examination
  • Must have a signed letter, by Fire Chief of represented department, verifying these aforementioned prerequisites

Program Overview:

Pre-Course Work: Online Reading assignments (NFPA 1403 Standard and Text Book) & Online Examination (Approx. 16 hours)

Classroom and Practical:

  • Tour & operations in permanent gas fired and/or non-gas fired structural fire training props
  • Safety Planning
  • Emergency planning & operations (emergency egress, RIT, students/instructor rescue, emergency suppression)
  • Instructor & student pre-fire walk-through (purpose, content, instructor’s role)
  • Working  with students in fire conditions (includes physical positioning, maneuvering in low visibility, observation of students for difficulties and/or unsafe behavior; teaching in the environment)
  • Situational awareness during fire operations (changes in fire dynamics and conditions, student behavior, operational issues such as complacency, compliance to safety plan)
  • Fuel characteristics & safe loading
  • Participant PPE inspections
  • Using the Training Plan (focuses on implementation not preparation of a plan & understanding and meeting training objectives)
  • Task Books: Sign off on skills completed during class

Course Schedule:

  • Day 1:  Lecture and Student Activities
  • Day 2:  Lecture, Practical Application, and Evolutions (To include Live Fire)
  • Day 3:  Lecture, Practical Application,and Written Examination

Upcoming Schedule:

February 14-16, 2017  – Spokane, Washington

April 3-5, 2017 – Addison, Illinois